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: KickStart Personal Training & Boxing





Playing rugby for the Waratahs and Wallabies, it’s vital I am in Peak physical condition.

I first trained with Tom before I went to the Wallabies Camp at the end of 2006. If you don’t pass the fitness test you get sent home.  A few of my team-mates did go home but fortunately due to my off-season training with Tom I wasn’t one of them.  It’s hard work keeping fit for my size so I find training with Tom keeps me at my peak fitness level.  I’m hoping to get selected for the 2007 World Cup Team. To do that I need to focus on my strength and fitness and training with Tom in addition to rugby training which will give me the edge I need and the best chance for selection based on past results I have had with Tom.

Wycliff Palu
Qantas Wallabies and HSBC Waratahs



I train on and off with Tom when I am not out of the country playing for the Australian Netball Team. I love the variety I get with Tom as it always challenges my body in different ways than I get with netball training. I particularly love boxing with Tom as it keeps me fit, sharp and focused which is necessary as an athlete at an elite level, and the fact that its in a real boxing ring makes it fun!

Mo’onia Gerrad
Australian Netball Team


Once a week we pay for Kickstart to run a group personal fitness session for our whole office. We walk, jog, kick box, punch, play soccer and throw ball. It is great team building time together, fun and helping us improve our fitness. Not to mention great stress release! Tom has a great sense of humour leading the ladies, he tailors the activities to the fitness, abilities and interests of our group. Our ladies enjoy their time boxing and kicking Tom!

Verlie Hall
Managing Director
Daughterly Care
02 9971 3100


I am truly enjoying my Personal Training Sessions with Tom Lambert. He is providing me with:

- Motivation
- Professional Guidance and Technique
- Fun and Variety
- Further ideas (eating plan and ongoing exercise).

Tom is friendly, approachable and reliable. He is flexible to my needs, listens and asks the right questions about my health and fitness and what we can achieve for me.  The sessions are affordable and Tom travels to me, and his equipment is of an excellent standard.

Kickboxing is a great form of exercise. I am concentrating on technique and where to aim next rather than how puffed I am! It’s great stress relief too.

All of my sessions have a good balance of seriousness and fun. Tom uses our time to it’s maximum advantage, focuses on correct technique and adds variety creating interest. Tom also has a great sense of humour (most important during exercise!).  I would recommend Tom to become your personal trainer.

Bec French
28 February 2005


“Making the decision to work out with Tom was one of the best decisions I ever made.  It has literally transformed the way I feel about exercise and most importantly, the way I feel about myself.

As a health professional I knew the value of being fit, but work and family commitments altered my priorities.  Tom has shown me how easy it is to have balance and to do it all!  I have lost weight, improved muscle tone and strength, and I’m well on my way to my ideal body shape.  I have much more energy for my family and my patients and what’s more I really enjoy the sessions. If you are serious about wanting to improve you’re fitness, lose weight or change your body, then you need to see Tom.

Thanks Tom for your patience, guidance and motivation.”

Michael Bird
Narrabeen Chiropractic, Narrabeen.


I would just like to personally thank Tom Lambert and Kickstart Personal Training for helping me achieve my goals.

I did 3 days per week for 5 weeks and I have lost 6 kilos, gained muscle tone and mental discipline.

During the course my wife and my daughter saw the results which in turn pushed me to go harder every time.

Tom also helped me with dieting which goes hand in hand with fitness and losing weight.

If you want to feel good, look good and be mentally fit go and see Tom, he will help you!!

Sean Prenter
Personal Chef and 180Celsius Catering


I work for Sara Lee Australia and do a lot of sitting at a desk so needed to get some fitness programme going.   

I have been training with Tom Lambert (Kickstart) for twice a week (Monday afternoon and Thursday morning) approximately one hour each time for about two months.  During that time I have lost 6 kilos doing weights and running with Tom’s guidance.

I find Tom really pushes me each time I am there.  He has also supplied me with a diet programme, which I find really helpful.  It has and continues to be of great assistance to me, specifically with my hectic work schedule.  I now feel great and look a lot healthier.

John Walters

I’ve been working out with Tom 3 days a week doing a variety of weights and cardio training to increase my fitness, improve muscle tone and lose some unwanted kilos.

Tom is a great motivator and gets in and does the training with me. Without that extra push I wouldn’t have trained half as hard, because there is no slacking off with Tommy, as anyone has trained with Tom will know.

After 3 months of training and regularly taking measurements I was impressed with the inches I had lost off all areas of my body. I also noticed a greater increase in my fitness, being able to run longer distances without running out of breath.

If you want to see results, call Tom.

Matthew O’Brien
Beez Neez Plumbing